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Missed Diagnosis Results in $2.5 Million Verdict

Elisa Sanchez kept complaining of pain and blood in her stools. Her doctor told her it was hemorrhoids and told her to treat it accordingly. The young mother did as instructed, but, over a seven month period returned to the doctor, multiple times, because the bleeding and pain would not stop. She was eventually rushed to hospital and diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer; her primary care physician had misdiagnosed her cancer as hemorrhoids. It is, of course, the ultimate nightmare; the cancer was so far advanced by the time Sanchez got an accurate diagnosis that she died in the hospital, leaving behind a young child and husband, and a shocked and angry family.

This is an horrendous case; had the family doctor been more attentive to her condition and symptoms, she might have survived. Early detection is one of the most important tools in the battle for cancer survival. In this case, early detection would have given her a 97% chance of survival. By the time she was diagnosed, her survival rate plummeted to 50%; the doctors at the hospital tried aggressive chemo and major surgery, but it was too little, too late and she succumbed to the illness.

While this verdict, following a contentious medical malpractice lawsuit, is a solid victory for the grieving family and for justice; they have, undoubtedly, had a difficult time coping with the death of their mother, wife and daughter, and, most likely, in paying for extraordinary medical treatment in addition to their ordinary daily expenses.

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Online research will provide them with several lawsuit funding companies, but really only one leading provider of litigation funding. Good credit or bad; it makes no difference. Legal finance services may have provided the answer to the Sanchez’s financial situation and the situations of plaintiff litigants in similar situations.

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