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Misdiagnosis Results in Death, Jury Verdict

Each year, cancer affects millions of families. The health care industry repeatedly reminds us that early diagnosis and detection is critical in order to be treated and receive the most favorable outcome. Yet, we often hear about misdiagnosed cancer and medical malpractice lawsuits resulting from them.

In this case, the patient was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection that was later determined to be lung cancer. The estate of the deceased argued that when the patient did not get better and the symptoms did not resolve, additional measures should have been taken; additional tests should have been performed.

A lawsuit was filed; the case could not be settled and it went to trial. At trial, the defense countered that the symptoms presented by the deceased did not suggest cancer. Defense arguments averred that the disease was at a progressive stage; thus, even if diagnosed, appropriate treatment would not have changed or prolonged the outcome. They jury did not agree; it found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded the deceased’s estate $1,500,000.

Moving forward after a devastating loss is emotionally and financially draining for surviving family members. Medical malpractice cases, like this one, are long, drawn out, draining battles. Trying to make ends meet with ordinary cost of living expenses, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and the loss of a family member’s income adds to the stress of just living. How does a family cope during this time?

Unfortunate families like this one are excellent candidates for lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance could help them deal with their financial issues. Repayment of litigation funding proceeds is contingent on the outcome of the lawsuit. If a litigant loses the case, the litigant and/or his family does not have to pay the money back. Legal finance is often the answer to difficult situations where a family or individual is between a rock and a hard place without sufficient funds to handle unexpected medical bills and ordinary living expenses, while pursuing a lawsuit and trying to pick of the pieces of shattered lives. A caring, professional pre-settlement funding company provides an advance based on its review of the case; a lawsuit cash advance is often approved with funding wired into your account within 24-48 hours.

If you or a family member has suffered from medical malpractice, or any other personal injury, and need financial assistance while waiting for justice to be served, lawsuit funding may be the answer for you. Financial peace-of-mind is only a phone call away.

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