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Minors and/or Brain Damage in Medical Malpractice-Can Lawsuit Funding Assist?

The parents of a young, very unfortunate boy, of Eastman, WI, have won $11.4 million in a Medical Malpractice lawsuit. The case, brilliantly pursued by attorney Jeff Goldberg, alleged negligent care by a nurse and nurse midwife during the child’s birth.

The question often arises whether Lawsuit Financial can provide legal funding or lawsuit finance assistance to minors or brain damaged individuals. The short answer is, usually, no, we can’t. However, in the case that is the subject of the article, money has been earmarked for the parents to assist in the care and treatment of the child. The reader should notice that the birth and alleged medical malpractice took place in 2005, three long years ago. How have the parents paid for treatment and care for the child during this long, three year process? Lawsuit funding is available to parents or guardians of adult or minor brain damage victims or minor injury victims against litigation proceeds that are earmarked for payment to the healthy, caregiving adults for care and treatment of the victim. It is extremely expensive to care for someone in this situation and to have to do it without financial assistance is almost impossible. Lawsuit Financial is pleased to offer legal financial assistance to those families struggling to provide adequate care for a disabled loved one. For more information about this “exception” to the usual “non-funding” rule in case of incapacity, please call us, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848).