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Michigan Hotly Contested Auto Accident Lawsuit

A jury awarded $245,000 in damages to a woman and her daughter who were injured in a July 2005 auto accident. Both suffered traumatic brain and back injuries.

Michigan is a no-fault auto accident state; the lawsuit sought non-economic damages for serious pain and suffering. The defendant and his insurance carrier, State Farm, alleged that the claim did not meet the serious injury threshold because the injuries were minimal or existed prior to the accident. After a hotly contested lawsuit, the jury determined that the injuries sustained by the woman and her daughter did qualify under the serious injury threshold and awarded in favor of the plaintiffs.

Prior to a Supreme Court ruling in August 2010, the woman and her daughter may not have received fair compensation. Until the ruling, it was more difficult for auto accident victims with serious injuries to seek compensation for pain and suffering; victims may have recovered nothing despite receiving very serious injuries. It was an almost impossible hurdle for a litigant to overcome.

In McCormick v. Carrier, the Supreme Court ruled that injured victims can file a liability claim under the state’s revised serious injury threshold law, restoring legal rights for auto accident victims. Thanks to the new standard, people who have suffered a serious injury have a fighting chance to be compensated for the pain and suffering they have endured. Insurance companies are now be forced to recognize legitimate claims and deal with innocent victims in a fair and just manner.

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