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Merging From a Feeder Road: Pay Attention!

When merging from a feeder road onto a main highway, if you’re not paying attention or time it poorly, accidents can happen; that is exactly what happened in this two vehicle automobile accident that badly injured four people in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

It was a pretty violent crash when a man tried to merge onto the Interstate highway from a feeder road. For some reason, yet to be determined, the car made an unexpected left turn and collided with another car. The other driver never knew what hit him. The merging vehicle landed in the median of the highway and his victim’s came to a dead halt in the left hand lane of the highway. During the collision, a passenger in merging vehicle (likely not wearing a seat belt) was ejected on impact.

All drivers and passengers were taken to hospital for treatment. Investigating state troopers charged the merging driver with an unsafe lane deviation. While this might be some comfort to his victims, it won’t pay their medical bills or other accident related expenses. For that relief, they have to retain an attorney who specializes in automobile accident cases and file a personal injury lawsuit.

These accident victims must, typically, have serious injuries to pursue litigation in our current legal system. an experienced personal injury lawyer, specializing in auto accident cases can advise them whether they will stand have a good chance of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. But what do they do if they are disabled, have no money coming in, and are a year or two away from a conclusion to their case? Insurance companies count on plaintiffs settling their cases early, for too little, because they lack the financial resources to hold out for a fair settlement. They delay and delay until the plaintiff is desperate; then, they offer miniscule compensation in the hope that a desperate plaintiff will bite. In the old days, that strategy had a good chance of being successful and insurance companies saved millions in benefits by utilizing it. But, today, there is a unique service called lawsuit funding; this service provides an accident victim the money he/she needs now, then waits for repayment out of the potential settlement or verdict. Their bills and expenses are paid and they can wait out the long litigation process for a fair resolution. And, best of all, litigation funding is considered to be non-recourse funding; the money is not paid back unless the case is resolved successfully. This is no risk legal finance!

Legal funding is a smart strategic tool. If you are in severe financial distress, you are hardly a positive influence on settlement negotiations. Litigants in this situation will often accept a low ball offer even though your attorney is telling you that your case is worth a whole bunch more. So, don’t settle for less then you deserve; a well timed lawsuit cash advance may help you avoid settling too early for too little. Don’t hand over valuable settlement dollars to the insurance company. Hang in there and get the money you deserve. Help is just a phone call or a mouse click away. And please, be careful out there.