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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Hot Water Bottle Burns Baby

A million dollar Medical Malpractice Lawsuit has been filed on the island of Trinidad. The negligence lawsuit against Mt. Hope Women’s Hospital alleges that at about this time, last year, a newborn (the oldest of a set of twins) suffered second degree burns from shoulder to wrist, caused by a hot water bottle. Apparently, hot water bottles are placed in the incubator in which premature babies are kept, to maintain a certain temperature (an antiquated method of keeping an incubator warm). Following an investigation by the Minister of Health, a nurse and and nurse’s assistant were fired and the CEO of the North-West Regional Health Authority apologized to the child’s parents. The suit seeks aggravated and exemplary damages for negligence and personal injuries.

In this age of tort reform, incidents like this continue to occur at an alarming rate. Personal injury attorneys and victims’ rights advocates must continue to fight these reforms on the local and national level. It is strongly recommended that you join the national trial lawyers association (American Association for Justice) and/or your local or state trial lawyers association. Contribute to their Justice Pacs; send letters to your state and federal representatives and ask your clients to do so, as well. Support legislative changes to anti-justice legislation. Lobby against proposed anti-justice pro big business legislation. A national trial lawyer effort is necessary to win this battle. Lawsuit Financial Corporation CEO, Mark Bello, is a member of the American and Michigan Associations for Justice and a substantial Michigan JPAC contributor. Lawsuit funding is a service that provides non-recourse financial assistance to litigants; the ability of a litigation plaintiff to pursue his/her rights in litigation is an extremely important, fundamental right. Fear of trial lawyers and personal injury litigation are huge deterrents to the kind of conduct that resulted in this child’s injury. Hopefully, this Medical Malpractice Lawsuit will resolve successfully and serve to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again.