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Medical Malpractice Claims are Complex. Lawsuit Funding is Not!

Medical malpractice is an all-too-common occurrence. Many people suffer as a result of medical malpractice or negligence – misdiagnosis, wrong site surgery, medication error, and more – every day. Such errors can lead to serious or permanently injuries, even death. When this happens, the victim may be entitled to financial compensation. An experience medical malpractice attorney can help evaluate the circumstances and determine whether the victim has a viable case. After a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed, the time between the lawsuit and settlement can stretch over years. As a victim, you have already suffered from the injustice of your injuries; the ability to wait for compensation may not be an option. When a plaintiff is dealing will the loss of income and mounting unpaid bills, one solution that is lawsuit funding, a non-recourse cash advance against a pending claim.

Lawsuit funding companies, like industry leader Lawsuit Financial, provide fast cash to level the playing field with the profitable insurance company. While the lawsuit makes its way through the courts, a funding company can provide “quick cash” to pay medical bills and living expenses. Receiving lawsuit funding is based solely on the strength of the case. With financial worries at bay, the plaintiff can concentrate on recovering and the plaintiffs’ attorney has more time to seek full compensation.

The process to obtain medical malpractice lawsuit funding is simple, and it is no risk to the plaintiff.

Here are the advantages of lawsuit funding:
• No credit check
• No employment verification
• No out of pocket fees
• No monthly payments
• Fast approval – in as little as 24 hours
• Repay only if, and when, you successfully settle your case

Medical expenses and lost income often cause financial hardship and put victims and their families in a downward financial spiral. If you were injured or lost a loved one due to a medical error and have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, you most likely will encounter significant financial pressures because these types of claims are not quick to settle. When this happens, don’t add to your burden by making your finances a problem as well. Keep your case strong and viable by calling Lawsuit Financial or complete our one-page online application.