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Medical Malpractice-$5 Mil Awarded in Medical Center Drowning-Lawsuit Funding Candidate?

The family of a new mother, who drowned in a Georgia hospital bathtub in 2000, has been awarded $5 Million by a Gwinnet County jury. Wendy Wyckstandt was 34 years old, suffering from postpartum high blood pressure, and too weak to shower without nurse assistance. She was left alone in the shower, apparently collapsed, and was found later by her mother. She died the next day. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed two years later
The family’s attorney, Jeff Harris, indicated that the hospital altered medical records, hid evidence, and used delay tactics to extend final resolution of the litigation to eight long years after the incident. I am certain that the award is sweet justice for this unfortunate woman’s family. “The hospital is still trying to dodge responsibility”, said Harris. A hospital spokeswoman said that nurses did properly check on their patient and no one tampered with evidence. She indicated that the hospital plans an appeal.

This case is illustrative of the tactics that a corporate entity will resort to to cover up its negligence and delay justice. Mr. Harris did a fine job of uncovering apparent evidence tampering, especially pursuing surveillance tapes (which contained a mysterious “gap”) which assisted in persuading the jury that the hospital was guilty of negligence and tampering. It has, obviously, been a long, hard battle for him and it is not over yet. I wish he and the Wyckstandt family good luck in their pursuit of justice.

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