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Maritime Accident Nets $1.8 Million-Lawsuit Funding Candidate?

Maritime injuries are injuries that occur at sea and are governed by “the law of the sea” or Maritime law. The main body of law that governs these injuries is a 1920 federal law known in legal circles, simply, as the Jones Act. The Jones Act has been amended countless times, since 1920, but it, essentially, seeks to provide protection to seamen who risk their lives at sea. It provides a remedy for maritime workers who sustain an injury while in service to a vessel on navigable waters as a result of employer or fellow crew-member negligence, or for the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

When a seaman is injured on the job, he may be entitled to recover certain benefits. Attached to this post is an article that reports a $1.8 Million verdict in Minnesota for an Escanaba, MI man who was seriously injured in a fall on a ship.

The injured man, Daniel L. Willis slipped and fell and injured his knee while performing his job on the vessel. He was treated at a nearby hospital and was then left to transport himself back to Escanaba on an 18-hour bus ride. Apparently, the long bus ride and the knee immobilizer combined to cause the development of a deep vein thrombosis that led to other complications.
The lawsuit alleged that his injuries were the result of “the unseaworthiness of the vessel and insufficient manpower, equipment, direction, supervision, maintenance, and other incidents of defendants’ malfeasance, negligence, and failure to provide a safe place to work.” As previously indicated, these are core allegations needed to pursue Maritime damages.

Willis was expertly represented by Wayzata, Minn., attorney Stephen Eckman, who also claimed that the defendants failed to attend appropriately to his client’s medical needs. I congratulate Mr. Willis and Mr. Eckman on their hard-earned victory.

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