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Man Impaled By Pole Allegedly Being Illegally Transported

A 37-year-old Holland, Michigan man has died after a 44-foot pole crashed through the windshield of his 2005 Ford Explorer.

The man was on his way to work at Holland Christian High School when the crash occurred. Investigators said that the driver of a Parkway Electric truck was hauling a 44-foot pole. As he was turning left, the pole swung out into the traffic lane and crashed through the windshield of the SUV, hitting the driver before continuing outside the rear cargo window. The victim was unconscious when crews arrived on scene. He was transported to an area hospital where he died the next day. He leaves behind a wife and three young children,

An investigation is underway including trying to determine if the pole was legal length. A Michigan rule states stating vehicles longer than 40 feet must have a permit from the county road commission and an escort. Investigators said the truck had neither. The violation is a civil infraction, but because the accident resulted in a death, criminal charges may be filed.

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