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Make The Wait A Little Easier With Litigation Funding

Any act of negligence — auto accident, medical malpractice, inadequate care, or defective product — that results in death, is a potential wrongful death claim. Damages can include loss of income, medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. A wrongful death attorney can help family members seek the compensation deserved. Unfortunately, a wrongful death claim can be a long, drawn out legal process. For example, it must be proven that a doctor’s performance was below the minimum standard of professional conduct. In a defective product case, the defendant might allege that the victim did not use the product with the intended use, thereby contributing to his/her own death. The insurance company will continuously deny, delay, and defend the claim. This often places a significant financial burden on the family. As the bills mount, plaintiffs may feel the pressure to settle too soon, for too little; the exact situation the insurance company hopes will happen. So how do plaintiffs pay their bills if they do not have access to resources that would keep them stable until a verdict is delivered? Litigation funding is often times the best solution.

Here’s how it works. Once a plaintiff completes an online funding application, Lawsuit Financial will begin the review process by contacting the plaintiff’s attorney for case documentation. Approvals are based on the strength of the case, alone; whether a plaintiff qualifies has nothing to do with his/her credit standing or job status. Once a case is approved for funding, we draft a contract for signatures, then wire transfer the funds to the plaintiff. When the case settles, and not before, we are repaid from the proceeds of the settlement. If the case is lost, the plaintiff keeps the cash advance, no string attached.

Lawsuit Financial understands the urgency for most plaintiffs which is why we can typically approve an application for funding within 24 – 48 hour. Let us remove the financial pressure to settle early and inexpensively and allow your attorney the time he/she needs to get obtain the fairest possible result. Call us today to see how litigation funding can make a real difference in the bottom line of your case. You owe it to yourself to check it out.