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Lumber Company Fined for Safety Violations. Will Wrongful Death Lawsuit Follow?

Manke Lumber Company, a Wisconsin sawmill, has been cited for 25 serious violations and 11 general safety and health violations following an investigation into the death of an employee. The man was killed last December after his clothing was caught by a rotating shaft that pulled him into a conveyor as he tried to loosen jammed lumber. Among the violations, Manke was fined for not ensuring grinders were guarded and failing to safeguarding exposed shafts at four locations, including where the worker died. The company was also cited for hazards related to “confined spaces” such as hoppers, conveyors and dryers. The Department of Labor & Industries says the fines topped $87,000. Manke has 15 business days to appeal.

There has been no indication whether the family members of the deceased are considering legal action in the event of the investigation showing safety concerns at the plant. While any monetary damages do not replace the loss of life, employers like Manke should be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

If the family of the deceased seeks legal counsel and files a wrongful death lawsuit, the suit is independent of any action by OSHA as a result of the findings of their investigation. Unfortunately, it can be a long wait to seek justice. Meanwhile, bills still have to be paid. When it gets to the point where the financial stress is too much, the family may wish to apply for lawsuit funding.

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