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Litigation funding – The Answer To An Ongoing Lawsuit For a Financially-Strapped Plaintiff

Most accident victims are forced to file a lawsuit because the insurance company will engage in deny, delay, and defend tactics and refuse to fairly compensate the innocent victims. Insurance companies know that the system takes a long time to resolve cases; lawsuits typically do not settle quickly, with the majority settling two to five years after a suit is filed. Obviously, in a battle for money damages in personal injury claim, insurance companies have significant economic advantages over injured plaintiffs. They will use this to their advantage and typically withhold settlement and/or resolution unless it is in their own best interest to resolve the case or until a judge or jury force them to pay.

In the meantime, injured and under-financed plaintiffs grow more and more desperate for a resolution. They will often consider a less-than-favorable settlement. This is exactly what the insurance company banks on. A better option for a plaintiff with lost income and mounting expenses is litigation funding.

Litigation funding is often a plaintiff’s only access to cash; many victims do not have good credit and/or income to qualify them for a traditional loan. The basic principal behind litigation funding is to increase case revenue by giving a plaintiff control over the negotiation process. By removing the financial burden, litigation funding enables a lawsuit to be resolved on its true merits; the plaintiff gains control what offers are acceptable. The best part of all, a lawsuit cash advance is contingent upon the outcome of the case. That means if the plaintiff loses their case, they do not have to repay the advance.

The only requirements when seeking litigation funding is attorney representation and an ongoing case, with merit. There are no credit checks, no employment verifications, and no monthly payments. Once an application for litigation funding is received, we will contact the plaintiff’s attorney to obtain minimal records in order to review and evaluate the merits of the case. If approved, funds can be available within 24-48 hours. Although the plaintiff may use the lawsuit cash advance as desired, it is recommended to be used for important bills and expenses, such mortgage or rent, car payments, utilities, medical expenses, and other expenses resulting from injuries incurred.

Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you; don’t settle your valuable case for pennies on the dollar. Turn to Lawsuit Financial instead. With financial concerns taken care of, you can concentrate on the case and obtaining justice and fair compensation.