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Litigation Funding Provides the Road to Financial Stability for Plaintiffs

Often times, victims of a pedestrian accident go through difficult times meeting their daily living expenses plus the additional expenses associated with the accident. While the case is being litigated, litigation funding can help provide the means to hold out for a fairer and larger settlement.

A recent pedestrian accident resulting in the death of a W. Virginia man illustrates how dangerous auto-pedestrian accidents can be.

In August, a 24-year-old driver of a 2008 Nissan Altima struck and killed a 79-year-old pedestrian crossing the street at an intersection. According to police, the female driver failed to see the man. Although, Detectives and Traffic Reconstruction officers recently concluded their investigation, police are still awaiting results of the forensic testing samples taken from the woman.

Victims of auto accidents have the right to seek compensation for damages, lost wages, medical expenses, and funeral and burial expenses, as well as for pain and suffering and loss of companionship. There is no need to wait until the investigation is complete. In fact, it is to the victim’s advantage to consult an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible following the accident. The attorney will need time to obtain witness statements and any other details that can help the case and achieve the compensation deserved.

While the physical toll and emotional impact of this accident is no doubt devastating for the family, the aftermath of these personal injury cases can take a toll on a victim’s economic well-being, making their lives even more difficult. Since it often takes months, if not years, for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit to settle and since bills will keep coming, victims may not have time to wait.

Lawsuit Financial has a dedicated staff that provides the best litigation funding service in the industry. More importantly, we provide cash advances within 24 – 48 hours of approval. The funds can be wired directly into the plaintiffs account for immediate use in paying medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, daily household expenses, or for anything the client chooses. When financially stable, the case remains strong and less than fair settlement is avoided.

The litigation funding process is simple. Begin by completing a one-page online application or calling our office. Once received, we will contact your attorney for case documentation. If approved, the funds can be available for immediate use within 24 – 48 hours. Our cash advances are based solely on the strength and merit of your case. There are no monthly payments, no credit checks, no employment verification, and no repayment until the case successfully settles. Most importantly, our funding is on a non-recourse basis meaning if you do not win your case, you owe us nothing – no principal, no interest, nothing!

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