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Litigation Funding Prevents Victims from Falling Behind on Bills

When you walk into a retail store, you should not have to worry about merchandise falling on your head.

A 58-year-old Michigan woman was recently awarded a $4.6 million settlement resulting from an August 2012 accident at a CVS.

The woman asked an assistant manager for the price of a chair she could not reach because it was on a shelf six feet off the ground. While the employee reached for the chair, the woman leaned over to look at other chairs on a lower shelf. Suddenly, a few of the chairs from above, and the metal bins they were contained, came tumbling down. One of the chairs struck the woman in the head and hand. She sustained a serious traumatic brain injury which has left her with serious cognitive limitations and disabling headaches, and unable to return to her job as a senior building analyst.

CVS refused to take responsibility and denied fault throughout the case, alleging that the chairs did not fall on the woman but “leaned on her head,” according to the woman’s attorney. CVS also claimed there was no security footage of the incident, despite the presence of six surveillance cameras throughout the store. Fortunately, the jury saw the truth and award in favor of the plaintiff.

Despite the award, the couple may not receive compensation for some time; CVS is considering options for filing post-trial motions and an appeal. During this time, expenses will keep coming and while this woman waits for her case to go through the appeal process, bills and expenses will still need to be paid. Unable to work, how can she withstand financial hardship that will come with further delays? The answer: litigation funding.

Applying for litigation funding takes less than five minutes. Once supported with adequate documentation, the case is review and if approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours. A lawsuit cash advance from Lawsuit Financial is based solely on the merits of the case. No matter how long it takes to receive a settlement, repayment is deferred until resolution. If the woman loses the appeal, the cash advance would be completely waived.

If you are in a pending lawsuit or facing an appeal process and can’t afford to wait for a settlement, Lawsuit Financial may be able to offer you a lawsuit cash advance. To apply, complete our online application of give us a call toll-free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). We provide no-obligation funding consultations; we also have an attorney referral program with no cost and no obligation to use our services.

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