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Litigation Funding Keeps Finances Intact While Victim Fights Her Auto Accident Lawsuit

A solution to coping financially during an auto accident lawsuit is a lawsuit cash advance.

Dear Mr. Bello,

“Thank you once again for helping me in my time of need. My auto accident was difficult enough, but when I learned that I may never walk again it was devastating. It was hard to believe my career as a nurse had most likely come to end. As I tried to cope emotionally and physically, the next shock came; my lawsuit would most likely take at least a year to settle. Talk about feeling totally helpless. I had no idea how I would pay the bills. Your company came to my aid at just the right time. With a lawsuit cash advance, I was able to pay my medical expenses and outstanding monthly bills. I would have lost my home without your help. Thank you again for your assistance.” ~ Michele B, Michigan
Michelle was seriously injured in a two-vehicle auto accident when her 2009 Toyota Camry was rear-ended by the driver of a Ford Explorer. It was later determined that the driver of the Explorer was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Michelle broke both legs and her left hip bone. The drunk driver escaped unharmed.

Michelle called our office after a recommendation from a friend. Within 48 hours of completing a phone application, we wired $5,000 into her checking account. With an emergency cash advance to pay the bills and avoid debt, there was no need for Michele to sacrifice her valuable case for pennies on the dollar from the insurance company. Litigation funding allowed Michelle to wait the 13 months it took for her case to reach a fair settlement, twice as much as the insurance company’s original offer. Although Michelle is still unable to walk, she fights every day determined to beat the odds and get back to patients.

If a drunk driver accident has left you and your family in financial ruin, if you are faced with significant medical bills or worse, funeral and burial expenses, our auto accident litigation funding could help you level the playing field while your lawsuit winds through the legal process. It is quick and easy to apply; complete a brief application online or over the phone, wait for your attorney to provide some records, and, once approved, receive the money you need within 24 – 48 hours. Our consultations are free; our application is free. Additionally, there are not upfront fees or no monthly payments. Repayment is only made once you successfully settle your case. Should you lose your case you will not be liable to repay the cash advance; this is, truly, no-risk litigation funding.

Lawsuit Financial cannot undo the accident, but we can help you survive the financial turmoil that the accident has caused. Call our office to learn more or visit us online.