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Litigation Funding Helps Plaintiffs In Pursuit of Case Value

Are you experiencing financial difficulty from an accidental injury or disability that was not your fault? Has your lawyer filed a lawsuit for financial recovery, but you need money now to pay the mortgage, car payment, medical bills, and household bills? Immediate cash may be available to you through a litigation funding company.

If you are involved in a lawsuit or legal claim, it may take months or even years to receive the highest possible settlement. When your ability to work is affected, the longer your case lasts, the more difficult it becomes to pay ongoing bills. Litigation funding is a way to bridge the gap between when you file a lawsuit and when you reach an appropriate resolution of your case. Although other terms for this type of funding may be referred to as “lawsuit loan” it is not actually a loan, but a cash advance against the settlement in a lawsuit.

Years ago, plaintiffs had no option but to settle their case if they couldn’t financially afford to wait for a fair settlement. While insurance companies reached record profits, plaintiffs were being compensated for a fraction of case value. Litigation funding helps level the playing field, eases the financial burden, and reduces the pressure to settle too quickly and for too little. It allows plaintiffs to pursue their case to the full extent without being rushed to seek judgment because of cash constraints.

A unique advantage of this form of litigation financing is that it carries no risk to the plaintiff. The funding company is only repaid if and when the plaintiff wins. Additionally, there is no application fee; it costs nothing to apply. If approved, plaintiffs can begin paying the bills within 24 – 48 hours so their attorney can continue the case in pursuit of the maximum settlement.