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Lights Out: One Dead

Unfortunately, this accident caused the death of a Portland police officer. The wreck involved a Honda Accord and a dump truck. The crash occurred while the officer was on his way home from work; he, apparently, didn’t see the truck in enough time to stop.

The dump truck was stalled in the north traffic lane. The trucker couldn’t get the vehicle to work properly again; it required a re-start. So the driver turned off the lights and attempted to restart the vehicle. When the vehicle restarted, it rolled backwards into the northbound lane and, at that point, the 1996 Honda Accord, driven by a Portland Police bureau criminalist, slammed into the back of the truck. Tragically, the Honda driver was pronounced dead at the scene by responding EMS crews.

Several questions need answering in this case: Why didn’t the dump truck driver put out flares or pull over onto the shoulder? Why didn’t he flag down another vehicle down for call for help? And why did he turn out the lights? By doing so, he turned the truck into an unable-to-be-seen deadly object.

It is likely that the family of the deceased police officer will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucker. Wrongful death litigation is hard fought litigation ( because death usually results in a discussion of significant settlement dollars); this litigation may take years to resolve. The family provider has died, his funeral expenses and the family’s ordinary bills and expenses must be paid, regardless of how long it takes for the litigation to conclude. The family may wish to investigate the possibility of applying for lawsuit funding to tide them over until the final verdict in this case. Lawsuit funding is something that will allow them to wait for a verdict, rather than have to settle too early because they need the funds to live. Deal with an experienced lawsuit funding company, like Lawsuit Financial; our experts have more combined legal and legal funding experience than anyone in the legal finance industry. We won’t over-fund your case, we will excuse your obligation if you lose, and we are the only lawsuit finance company that guarantees compromised results if your case does worse than you and/or your attorney expect.

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