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Life Won’t Wait For Your Lawsuit to Settle, but Lawsuit Financial Will

“Lawsuit Financial was there to help me when no one else would. I was ready to settle my case for less than I deserved just to pay my bills. I am so glad I called Lawsuit Financial. With a cash advance, I was able to wait other six months and received the highest possible settlement. I highly recommend their services if you are ever the victim of an auto accident and can’t pay your bills while waiting for a settlement. Thank you, Lawsuit Financial for helping me and my family. ~ J. Smitty

Lawsuit funding is often times the only way to ease the financial burden and increase access to justice for plaintiffs. Without this service, many would be forced to settle for less than they deserve.

Unlike a loan, lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance against the proceeds of a potential future case award or settlement. A loan requires repayment; lawsuit funding only requires repayment if the plaintiff successfully settles. If the plaintiff loses his/her case, s/he is not obligated to repay the funded amount. Additionally, with lawsuit funding there are no hidden charges or application fees and no credit checks or employment verification. Funding is based solely on case merit.

Have you been injured in an auto accident and waiting for your settlement? If you need fast cash to relieve the financial burden while waiting for a fair, and, in many cases, higher settlement, call Lawsuit Financial. We have helped tens of thousands of people obtain the lawsuit cash advance they needed, when they needed it the most. Not only will the cash advance help pay the bills, but it will allow your attorney time to secure the best settlement possible. With our professional staff and quick approval process, you will be glad you chose Lawsuit Financial.