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Leveraging Lawsuit Funding in Pending Wrongful Death Auto Accident Claims

Auto-truck accidents can be serious or deadly for the occupants of the vehicle because of the large weight differential between the auto and the truck.

The driver of a 2000 Ford Taurus slowed down and stopped at a traffic light when the vehicle was rear-ended by a Freightliner tractor-trailer, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol. Both drivers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The child was airlifted to the hospital, where he died a short time later. Both drivers had been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and the child was securely fastened in a booster seat.

Any charges would be pending the results of the investigation. Police have stated that they do not believe alcohol or drugs were factors.

While the family will likely mourn the child’s passing for the rest of their lives, in the immediate term there will be the overwhelming pain of planning a funeral. There may also be financial stress not only due to the costs of burying this innocent child, but paying extensive medical bills, as well as future counseling that may be needed for the whole family as they try to find a “new normal”.

The family does not have to wait for the results of the investigation to consult an experienced auto accident attorney and file a wrongful death lawsuit. Once a claim is filed, they may want to consider lawsuit funding if the financial pressures are too great to withstand a lengthy litigation process.

At Lawsuit Financial, we understand how difficult the litigation process can be especially if the bills are piling up. With a lawsuit cash advance, we help plaintiffs get back on their feet and maintain financial stability until the case settles.

Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance based on the strength of the case, not credit or work history. Once an application is completed and approved, funding is usually available within 24 – 48 hours. All the plaintiff needs to do is complete an application form online or over the phone. We do the rest.

Once a case is approved, the lawsuit cash advance will arrive by check or wire within 24-48 hours. Plaintiffs pay no monthly fee. The only time Lawsuit Financial is paid is once the case successful settles. If, for any reason, the case is lost, the funded client is under no obligation to repay the cash advance.

With lawsuit funding it is no longer necessary to allow corporate defense attorneys to force you to settle prematurely for a fraction of the case value. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another driver, and struggling financially, let Lawsuit Financial provide a financial vehicle so you are not forced to settle for less than you deserve. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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