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Legal Funding for Financial Relief

John was injured in an auto accident and unable to work. He filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver, but the case was taking longer than expected to settle. Fortunately, John had good credit so he was able to obtain a bank loan to pay medical and living expenses. It was a six-month loan, but the money was going fast and the lawsuit slow; the bank would not extend the loan. At risk of losing his home and his credit, John applied for lawsuit funding. With no need for a credit checks or employment verification, John was able to obtain a lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours. His case settled four months. Lawsuit Financial was there when John needed financial help the most.

Lawsuit funding was founded on the premise that insurance companies will deny, delay, and defend a claim knowing most plaintiffs will be strapped for cash and settle for less than they deserve. To combat this tactic, Lawsuit Financial provides lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs involved in pending litigation. With lawsuit funding, plaintiffs can pay important bills and expenses, now, while waiting for justice to be served. It is specifically designed to let the plaintiff take control of their case and avoid accepting pennies on the dollar just to stay financially afloat. Lawsuit funding is risk-free to plaintiffs. Repayment of the cash advance is made only if the plaintiff successfully settles the case; repayment is waived if the case is lost.

Lawsuit funding is not a perfect solution; it is not for everyone, but it provides an option, in many cases, a viable one, for financially distraught plaintiffs. Lawsuit Financial hopes that by assisting plaintiffs with daily expenses, they can wait for justice to be served. Applying for a lawsuit cash advance requires one to simply complete an application online or call our office. The process to obtain lawsuit funding is fast, simple, and free!