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The Legal Process Can Be Painfully Slow; Lawsuit Funding Can Help

You never choose to get in a serious auto accident, but when it happens you will most likely be injured once again by the system when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The litigation process can take several months to years depending on the complexity of your case. While waiting on a legal settlement, you may feel stress and anxiety regarding to money and how you pay the bills and put food on the table. They mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments, and medical bills need to be addressed. If you are seriously injured, for an extended period of time, or permanently, how will you and your family survive financially?

When your attorney is fighting a lengthy litigation battle to get you the maximum settlement you deserve, but you need cash now, consider lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding can allow you to receive a portion of your settlement while you wait out the defendant for a larger settlement. A lawsuit cash advance from Lawsuit Financial is provided on a non-recourse basis. There are no monthly payments to be made like with a credit card or traditional bank loan. When your case settles, we are repaid out of your settlement or verdict, which means you never incur out of packet expenses when it comes to lawsuit funding. If the case is not successful, there is no personal obligation to repay the advance.

Once we receive a request for funding, Lawsuit Financial will contact your attorney for documentation related to your case. A decision to fund can be made within 24 – 48 hours, and the money sent via direct deposit or overnight mail.

You’ve already endured the physical and mental stress resulting from your injury, why should you also suffer financially? If you have a personal injury case and immediate financial needs contact Lawsuit Financial at 1-877-377-7848.