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Lawsuits Seek Answers in Fatal Accident by Tractor Trailer Equipment with Alert System to Avoid Crashes

Accidents between an auto and a truck can be serious or deadly for the occupants of the car because of the large weight differential between the auto and the truck. A plaintiff filing a lawsuit because of injury or death may want to consider lawsuit funding to relieve financial pressures while waiting for case settlement.

Five Georgia nursing students were killed after a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and smashed into stop-and-go traffic. The semi ran into the back of a Ford Escape, then rolled over a Toyota Corolla before hitting a tanker. The Corolla burst into flames with three students trapped inside. Four other nursing students were driving in the Escape. According to police, four students died at the scene and three others were taken to the hospital, where the fifth one died. All seven woman were en route to the final day of nursing clinical rotations at a Savannah hospital at the time of the accident.

Families of the deceased have filed lawsuits against the truck driver, his employer, and Total Transportation of Mississippi, among others. The lawsuits claim the truck driver did not brake, made no effort to avoid colliding with the stopped vehicles on the roadway, and was traveling just under 70 mph as he approached vehicles stopped by the other accident.

While the lawsuits will not bring their daughters back, the families of the deceased seeks answers. Although an inspection found that the tractor trailer was installed with an alert system designed to warn the truck drivers to stop before hitting the cars, it is unknown whether the device was working. If so, why didn’t the driver heed the warning? Why did he not see the long line of traffic with brake lights? Was he fatigued? Was he distracted by a cell phone? The families also hope this fatality will be a wake-up call to all trucking companies.

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