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Lawsuits Filed Against Oklahoma Natural Gas After Home Explosion

Two separate lawsuits have been filed against Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) alleging negligence following a home gas explosion in January. The explosion damaged more than 50 homes, ranging from minor cosmetic issues to structural problems that require demolition. ONG reported that the explosion was due to poor workmanship on a weld seam in the 1980s-era pipe. The investigation found that a 3½-inch crack in a polyethylene pipe and a lack of fusion in a weld seam led to the blast. The gas escaped the main and went underground, where it entered the home.

One lawsuit was filed by a man who claims that his house exploded because ONG failed to inspect, maintain and remove a dangerous condition from the home. The suit states that crews came out to check on a gas leak on Friday, January 1 then left, saying they would be back to fix it on Monday. The lawsuit also claims the utility was negligent for failing to warn residents of the danger, failing to remove the dangerous condition and for creating a hazard. The explosion leveled his home in the middle of the night on January 2, while he was sleeping inside. He was hospitalized with second- and third-degree burns on his legs that left him permanently disfigured and which will continue to require medical treatment. He is seeking an amount in excess of $225,000 for actual and punitive damages. The second lawsuit was filed by the man’s next door neighbors who allege ONG knew about the danger and could have prevented it but did not. The couple also suffered injuries as a result of the explosion.

The lawsuits come at a time when some other residents say they’re feeling forgotten, abandoned or pressured by ONG in the wake of the explosion. While the utility said it has settled claims with more than 30 households affected by the blast, a few residents say they’ve had no contact with the utility or have been pressured to sign what they considered unfair settlements.

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