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Lawsuits Blame Government Entity for Driver Negligence

If your auto accident involves the potential liability of a government entity and/or a government employee, filing a lawsuit and seeking compensation will not be an easy task. Thanks to a legal concept known as sovereign immunity, government agencies and their employees are protected from many kinds of liability. This doesn’t mean seeking justice is impossible, but due to numerous technical procedures, it is best to consult with an experienced auto accident attorney. Once a lawsuit is filed, the challenge facing many plaintiffs is that the lawsuits could take months, even years to be resolved. For plaintiffs with immediate and long-term financial problems, lawsuit funding can help.

Three people have filed lawsuits against the West Virginia Department of Highways following an auto accident with one of its drivers.

According to the complaint, in January 2015, a couple and their passenger were seriously injured after a highway department employee negligently struck their vehicle. The suit alleges that the Highways Department carelessly entrusted its vehicle to a negligent driver. The plaintiffs seek a trial by jury and compensatory damages that will fully and adequately compensate the plaintiffs’ damages.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is provided to a plaintiff before a settlement or award, with the expectation that the plaintiff will ultimately receive compensation from the suit. With this immediate funding source, plaintiffs can take care of financial obligations while giving their attorney the time needed to seek appropriate justice.

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance can be done online or by phone. There are no costs or fees associated with the application. There are also no monthly payments, credit checks, or employment verification. If approved, the lawsuit cash advance would arrive within 24 – 48 hours by check or by wire. This non-recourse cash advance is against the future proceeds of the lawsuits, meaning repayment is made once a settlement is reached. If the case is lost or dismissed, the plaintiffs keep the lawsuit case advance and owe us nothing.

If you have suffered serious injuries in an auto accident involving the potential liability of the government, it is imperative to consult an auto accident attorney. Once the lawsuit is underway, if you need financial assistance consider lawsuit funding. Call Lawsuit Financial for a free, no obligation consultation call us toll-free at 1-877-377-7848.

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