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“Lawsuit Loans” Allow Plaintiffs to Wait for Full Settlement

Millions of people are seriously injured or die in automobile accidents each year. If a lawsuit is filed, there is no guarantee how quickly the case will settle. It may take to prove fault and the magnitude of injuries sustained. The insurance company will, more often than not, deny claims. Then, there is the time waiting for the case to move down the court docket. In the meantime, you may have missed work due to injuries, or worse, lost the sole breadwinner if the accident resulted in death. The financial strain not only seriously impacts your life, but your case. A financially desperate plaintiff is not a positive influence on settlement negotiations nor is it right to settle for less than case value. But, how do you survive, financially, while you wait for a trial or settlement? Most options are risky – credit card advances, home equity loans, second mortgages all require repayment whether you win or lose your lawsuit. Many people have discovered a new, risk-free option known as lawsuit funding.

Many seeking funding will ask if it is a lawsuit loan; it is not. Loans require you to repay regardless of case outcome; if you lose your case, you must still pay-off a loan. With lawsuit funding, the legal finance company invests in the outcome of the case. At Lawsuit Financial, we believe that expert case evaluation or underwriting is our responsibility. Thus, if a client loses, the repayment is waived. With the assistance of the plaintiff’s attorney, we can provide funding within 24 hours of receipt of application.

What is required to be considered for lawsuit funding?
1. Filed a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.
2. Complete a one-page online application.
3. A case with merit.

What Is NOT required?
1. Application Fee
2. Monthly Payments
3. Credit Checks
4. Employment Verifications
5. Repayment if plaintiff loses the case

Why settle your case for pennies on the dollar to pay the bills? Why risk losing your home or car? Fight for justice; fight for your rights! Contact Lawsuit Financial to discuss funding options.