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Lawsuit Funding When an “It Can’t Happen to Me Moment” Happens

Traffic was a slow stop-and-go due to construction when the driver of a van approached at 80 mph slamming into the back of a Toyota Prius. Although a 48-year-old backseat passenger in the Prius was wearing a seat belt, he sustained a severe lumbar fracture and a fracture to his left femur. The femur fracture caused a blot clot and pulmonary embolism that resulted in a major stroke leaving him paralyzed on one side.

This is one of those “It can’t happen to me” moments that fate tosses our way; a man’s life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye. He not only faced long-term care, but is unable to return to work. After consulting a personal injury attorney, the victim filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver of the van. But, what about his financial situation while the lawsuit was pending? At the suggestion of his attorney, the victim called Lawsuit Financial seeking a “lawsuit loan.”

While not a “loan”, lawsuit funding can make a financial difference in the outcome of a lawsuit. With a lawsuit cash advance, the injured victim was able to pay his bills, relieve the financial pressure to settle too early for too little, and wait for just and fair conclusion six months later.

Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for, and the application process is absolutely free. Once we receive your application, we will request case documentation from your attorney. After reviewing the documents, if you qualify for funding, we can wire the money into your bank account within 24-48 hours.

Lawsuit financing is a good strategic move providing staying power to wait for a fair offer or award. You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s offer just because you need the money. Lawsuit Financial requires no upfront payments; there is no employment requirement, credit check, or monthly payments. The quality of your case is the collateral. You pay nothing until the case settles; if you lose you owe nothing – ever!

If you ever find yourself in an “it can’t happen to me moment, have filed a personal injury lawsuit, and need financial assistance, consider lawsuit funding; consider the services of Lawsuit Financial!