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Lawsuit Funding Puts Insurance Company’s Low-Ball Offer to a Screeching Halt!

Slam! Bang! Crash! Then screams, followed by sirens and flashing lights! Hours later, you wake up in the hospital.

Let’s assume:
• The accident was the fault of a drunk driver.
• Your injuries will require surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.
• You are unable to work due to injuries.
• You have no means of income and your savings are depleted.
• You have contacted an attorney and filed a personal injury lawsuit.

In comes the defendant’s insurance company with an offer to settle. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not interested in paying fair value for claims. They will low-ball because they know, like most victims, you don’t have the financial stability to play their waiting game. Insurers will deny, delay, and defend because they have deep pockets and can afford the best legal counsel. In order to go the distance, plaintiffs call the legal funding experts at Lawsuit Financial.

Lawsuit funding may be the only way for financially strapped plaintiffs to pursue their lawsuit and hold the wrongdoer accountable. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to help plaintiffs pay medical expenses, mortgage or rent, utilities, and other household necessities. Unlike a loan, lawsuit funding requires no monthly payments, credit checks, or employment verifications; best of all, if the plaintiff does not receive a settlement or favorable verdict, there is no obligation to repay the cash advance.

If you are pursuing a qualified lawsuit and experiencing serious financial challenges during the aftermath of your injury or accident, call Lawsuit Financial. We will help you even the playing field and take away the insurance company’s unfair advantage. Fight for your rights; call us today.