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Lawsuit Funding Pays For Life Necessities While You Wait For Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit To Settle

Medical malpractice comes in many forms ̶ delayed or failure to diagnose, an improper procedure, contaminated equipment, surgical tools left behind, incorrect medications or dosage and mistakes made with anesthesia, to name a few. Sadly, many hospitals, doctors, and other medical professionals refuse to admit liability. If the negligence of medical staff or hospital can be proved, the injured person may be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent party. Unfortunately, this often results in a lengthy legal battle. With limited cash flow it’s difficult to pay bills and keep up with living expenses. Lawsuit funding not only helps victims pay bills, it has the added benefit of keeping a case strong by removing the temptation to take an early, low settlement.

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against Rush University Medical Center, alleging negligence, medical battery, and cross contamination of medical equipment. According to the complaint, on Jan. 24, 2014, she was being treated for gluteal abscess and polymicrobial sepsis when an employee used a contaminated insulin pen to administer an insulin injection, according to the claim. It wasn’t until a full year later, that the woman was informed by doctors that the employee had used a pen to administer her insulin with one that had been previously used on a patient who was positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B and C, the lawsuit states. The defendant is accused of failing follow medical procedures, resulting in alleged unnecessary pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of a normal life. The plaintiff seeks medical expenses and damages for her personal injuries.

While an experienced attorney can help this victim seek justice and fair compensation for damages, it will most likely take some time. Lawsuit Financial can evaluate the case and most likely, provide a lawsuit cash advance to help pay medical expenses, daily household bills, mortgage payment, and cover other financial needs. There is no restriction on how the money is used. There is also no risk to the plaintiff because our funding is on a non-recourse basis, meaning that if the case is lost there is no obligation to pay it back. We do not require a credit check, no out of pocket fees, no income requirements, and no employment requirements. To determine how much money we can advance, Lawsuit Financial looks strictly at the strength of the case.

Don’t let money problems force you to settle your case for less than you deserve. If you’ve been involved in a medical malpractice case, have hired an attorney, and filed your case in court, call Lawsuit Financial. With our quick and easy application process, you could protect yourself and your family from a potential financial disaster within 24 – 48 hours.