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Lawsuit Funding. Now You Can Wait For A Fair Settlement

Lawsuit funding, a lawsuit cash advance on your expected settlement is a valuable, yet often misunderstood service for plaintiffs. Litigation funding was created to help financially strapped plaintiffs during a pending lawsuit. Most plaintiffs waiting for their cases to resolve endure a long, sometimes drawn out, litigation process. The waiting period can last months, even years.

One of the most frequent reasons plaintiffs settle their cases too soon, and for less than they are worth is because they lack money for living expenses. Many are disabled; insurance companies know this and take advantage of their circumstances by delaying, denying, and defending, thus forcing plaintiffs to accept low settlements due to financial hardships. An emergency cash advance in the form of legal finance, can take the pressure off giving plaintiffs and their attorneys time to hold out for larger settlements or verdicts.

Many plaintiffs who are involved in lawsuits don’t realize legal funding is available. Litigation funding is a non-recourse cash advance on the future value of cases. In other words, unlike traditional bank loans, with pre-settlement funding you owe nothing if you lose your case; not even the money that was advanced. Additionally, there are no fees to apply and no monthly payments to make. The only time you pay is if, and when, you win your case.

Knowledge and understanding of the legal process is important in the lawsuit funding industry. Mark Bello, CEO/Director of Lawsuit Financial, has the most combined legal and lawsuit financing experience -13 years in litigation funding and almost 35 years as a trial lawyer. He is considered an expert in the lawsuit funding industry.

The approval process is simple and fast; it can be completed in less than two days. It is based solely on the merits of your pending case. First, you must be represented by an attorney. If you have not retained an attorney, Lawsuit Financial can assist in finding the best attorney available in all 50 states. After receiving your application, your case is reviewed by our funding specialists. If approved, cash will be wired to your account or sent via overnight mail.

With bills paid and the pressure to settle too early gone, lawsuit funding has leveled the playing field with the insurance company. Contact Lawsuit Financial for a lawsuit cash advance so you can have peace of mind and wait for what your case is really worth.

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