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Lawsuit Funding May Help Victims of Oklahoma Panhandle Train Fatalities

What happened in the moments before two Union Pacific trains slammed into each other in the Oklahoma Panhandle? That is a job that will take the NTSB close to a year to determine.

Last month, two freight trains collided in a fiery head-on collision killing three people. Why were both trains on the same track; one of the trains should have turned off the track allowing the other to pass? An initial investigation has ruled out speeding and the brakes appeared in good working condition. At this time nothing is clear, but human error may have been the cause. The NTSB will check work logs to determine if fatigue could have played a role, and although no cell phones were found at the crash site, phone records will be checked to ensure that workers were not distracted by cell phones. Human error could have been made in the control room or on the trains. A complete investigation will take close to a year.

The families of the victims may wish to seek advice from an experienced train accident attorney who can determine if the train accident was caused by a mechanical failure or negligence. Once an attorney is retained, the litigation process begins, but any settlement or verdict in this case is likely to be a long way off. In the meanwhile, the victim’s families may lack the financial resources needed to cover their expenses; they need financial help now. One solution is lawsuit funding.

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