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Lawsuit Funding Helps Victims Paralyzed by Mounting Medical Bills

Failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis, an emergency room or surgical mistake, or other medical negligence or recklessness, may constitute medical malpractice and result in a lawsuit. Although a medical malpractice attorney will work to obtain a quick settlement, these cases usually take years to reach fair compensation. Medical malpractice victims often face serious financial issues; medical expenses and lost income put already financially strapped families into a downward spiral. When this happens, plaintiffs should contact an experienced lawsuit funding company.

A 32-year-old man arrived at the hospital with severe neck pain and numbness in his arms and legs. He was diagnosed with neck strain and released. Within a few hours, he was paralyzed from the chest down. It was determined that he suffered from a herniated disk that was compressing his spinal cord causing progressive neurologic injury. After a two year legal battle, the paralyzed man was awarded $8.5 million. Lawsuit funding covered the medical expenses until his case settled. Without the lawsuit cash advance, he would have been forced to settle for significantly less, potentially not enough to cover his life-long needs.

Being involved in a lawsuit can cause financial pressure on a plaintiff and will often force a quicker and cheaper settlement. At Lawsuit Financial, we are dedicated to helping medical malpractice lawsuit plaintiffs financially survive during the long lawsuit process. Personal credit is not affected or even considered. Unlike a traditional loan, there are no monthly payments. Best of all, repayment is only made if, and when your case is resolved.

Don’t let money problems or a financial emergency force you and to settle your case for a low-ball insurance settlement offer. Learn more about legal funding services, by calling our office or visiting us online. There is no cost for a funding consultation or to apply. You have nothing to lose, but much to gain with lawsuit funding.