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Lawsuit Funding Helps Plaintiffs Avoid Accumulating A Dangerous Amount of Debt

Since most plaintiffs enter the legal process with little or no familiarity with the proceedings, they underestimate the time and effort required for the case to be successful. They also don’t realize what affect their finances have on their case. Financial strain is a common problem for plaintiffs. The stress of medical bills, car repairs, household expenses, and the necessities of everyday life can mean fighting a financial battle along with a legal one. Many times, they will be fighting against a defendant with the financial means to keep the case going for as long as necessary. Bill collectors and creditors won’t wait patiently for the lawsuit to conclude. The longer the defendant stalls, the more financial pressure is put on the plaintiff to accept an unfair offer just to pay the bills.

While there are many solutions that plaintiffs feel can help their financial struggles, such as borrowing from family or friends, using credit cards or obtaining a bank loan, these usually don’t fit the needs of a plaintiff. A better option is to secure a lawsuit cash advance from Lawsuit Financial.

With lawsuit funding, the plaintiff can take care of personal financial obligations without jeopardizing their case or credit. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against your pending claim. One of its unique features is that the case serves as collateral. There are no monthly payments and repayment is only expected once a settlement is reached. Furthermore, if the plaintiff loses the case, the repayment is completely waived.

Lawsuit Financial offers a simple, one-page application, so plaintiffs can get the money they need quickly and focus on their lawsuit instead of their finances. If approved, the money can be used any way the plaintiff wishes, although it is typically for paying the mortgage/rent, auto payments, medical expenses, and other financial necessities. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced, professional staff understands your situation and will do our best to get you the financial assistance you need within 24 – 48 hours.

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