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Lawsuit Funding Helps Plaintiffs Collapsing in Debt

Once a wrongful death lawsuit is underway, it could take years to reach a resolution. While sorting out what went wrong, many grieving families may struggle financially. Wrongful death lawsuit funding can provide financial peace of mind for the family and time for their attorney to obtain full case value.

For the Kellner family, it has been over three years since their son was killed when a 30 foot panel fell off the O’Donnell Park parking structure. As jury selection began this week, attorneys for Advanced Cast Stone Co, which manufactured and installed the pre-cast concrete panels, have asked for a delay to investigate the possibility that a tow truck struck the panel knocking it loose, possibly causing it to fall two weeks later. The judge rejected the request stating that the company had more than two years to prepare its case, and delaying it now would hurt the plaintiffs.

Seeking justice may have already placed a financial burden on this victim’s family. Even if the plaintiff wins their case, they may wait a long time to receive compensation. There could even be an appeal. If they are struggling to make ends meet, lawsuit funding, a cash advance against a potential jury verdict or settlement, could be an option.

At Lawsuit Financial, we know how devastating the sudden death of a loved one can be, and the emotional and financial impacts it can cause. With lawsuit funding, plaintiffs are able to cover immediate financial needs and wait for justice to be served. There are no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no employment verification. Approval for funding is based on the merit of the case. Only when the case is settled, does the plaintiff repay the cash advance. Lose, and they owe us nothing.

Are you the victim of a wrongful death and need immediate cash while waiting for your case to settle? Rather than considering a less-than-favorable settlement offer, contact Lawsuit Financial and let us help you through this difficult time. The road to financial freedom is just click or phone call away.