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Lawsuit Funding for Slip and Fall Accidents

A man suffered multiple fractures after slipping on ice underneath an un-shoveled commercial sidewalk. The couple filed a personal injury lawsuit alleging that heavy snow had fallen five or six days earlier and the sidewalk had not been plowed by Quality Automotive or the property owner. Quality Automotive said the property owner was responsible for the sidewalk and disputed the injuries. The injured victim ultimately recovered $500,000.

Slip and fall lawsuits more often than not, take a long time to reach a decision. Plaintiffs and their attorneys are continuously blamed for the rising costs of civil litigation cases, when research has shown that it is the actions of corporations and insurance companies driving up costs. Defendants use 3D tactics – deny, delay, and defend – as a means of discouraging claimants from pursuing their legitimate claims. It is part of their scheme to wriggle out of paying for their negligence. Even if the plaintiff has a strong chance of winning, these tactics can still be employed because the defense can afford to stall.

Victims may, or may not, struggle financially in a long battle for justice. If the injured person is unable to work, has reduced income, or has expenses associated with care or disability; it may not be possible to wait until the end of the lawsuit before obtaining funds. A lawsuit financing company may be able to help.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance available to plaintiffs who are suffering from financial hardships while pursuing a lawsuit. It could be cash available before a decision is reached or funding available after litigation. Pre-settlement funding is specifically designed to let the plaintiff take control of their case. With lawsuit funding in the bank, the victim doesn’t need to accept the insurance company’s first offer and it increases the pressure on the insurance company to settle fairly or pay more as a result of a court award.

If you’re having a hard time fighting for your case due to finances, you may want to consider lawsuit funding. Because it is a non-recourse cash advance, there is no risk to the plaintiff. Lawsuit Financial can help level the playing field with well-financed defendants without compromising your case. Call or apply online.