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Lawsuit Funding for Pharmaceutical Drug Cases

Over the years, numerous prescription medications have been proven to be dangerous, often leading to serious injuries, life-threatening side effects, even death. Plaintiffs who file a dangerous drug lawsuit typically wait a long time for a settlement because of the complex legal process. When a settlement is delayed, financially distressed victims may be at risk of bankruptcy or foreclosure. If you are one of those plaintiffs, Lawsuit Financial can offer financial support you may need as you await the compensation – and justice – you deserve.

With our legal funding services, you have access to risk-free emergency cash. That means if you do not win your case, there is no obligation to repay the cash advance. With no credit check, employment verification, or monthly payments, our clients can remain in the lawsuit until a fair and equitable settlement is reached. Our quick and easy online application process means you could start paying your bills as quickly as 24 – 48 hours.

A lawsuit cash advance can occur at any point between the time an attorney files your case and the time when the case is either settled or is decided by a jury. If you think lawsuit funding would help your situation, take the first step by completing our online application or call our office. Our dedicated representatives are ready to assist you.

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