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Lawsuit Funding for Dental Negligence

A woman who was to have a tooth extracted not only left the dentist office without the tooth, but she also left unable to eat or talk properly. The dentist pierced her lingual nerve while he was administering freezing to numb the area. Now her tongue is permanently numb. This unfortunate woman qualified for lawsuit funding which allowed her to pay outstanding medical bills, handle medications, any further surgeries that were required.

A 22-year-old woman went to a dental clinic to have two teeth pulled, but the dentist mistakenly pulled all 16 upper teeth. Restoration surgery would be in excess of $80,000. The woman needed the surgery prior to settling her case, but did not have immediate cash on hand. Faced with surgery and other mounting bills, she had to decide whether to accept a low-ball offer from the insurance company. The plaintiff qualified for a lawsuit cash advance which enabled her to have her surgery, stay financially afloat, and await a fair settlement.

A man consulted his dentist for treatment of tooth pain. The dentist failed to recognize decay in a tooth which warranted prompt treatment. The failure to treat led to extraction of the tooth.
The man’s ability to work was severely limited, and just making enough money to get by was difficult. To help him financially until his lawsuit settled, he turned to lawsuit funding. The cash advance helped with the daily costs of living and mortgage payments.

When a victim of medical negligence, many people find that they simply do not have the financial assets needed to weather the storm without help. In each of these cases, Lawsuit Financial helped level the playing field by providing plaintiffs with a lawsuit cash advance to cover every day financial needs. The strategy behind lawsuit funding is that it allows plaintiffs, in a difficult financial situation, the time to wait for a just settlement rather than settling early to avoid further losses. This non-recourse cash advance requires no upfront fees or monthly payments. Furthermore, no money is repaid until the case successfully settles, and if the plaintiff loses, they keep the cash advance free and with no obligation.

If you believe that you are a victim of dental malpractice or dental care neglect, it is important to discuss your case and your rights with an experienced dental malpractice attorney. Lawsuit Financial has one of the nation’s largest networks of attorneys available for referral. If you need a referral to a legal specialist in any legal field, call us today, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) and talk to one of our legal referral specialists. Or, visit the referral page of our website.

Once a lawsuit is filed, if you need financial assistance, you may wish to seek lawsuit funding. All that is needed to be considered for funding is to complete a one-page application online or over the phone. Next, case documentation is obtained from your attorney. Then, the case is reviewed, and if approved, a contract prepared and signed. Funding will be available for use within 24 – 48 hours of approval.

We can’t undo the negligence; we can’t rewind the clock so that it never happened. What we can do is help you to survive the financial turmoil that was caused until a settlement is reached. Don’t let a negative financial picture force you to settle for less than you deserve. Contact the legal funding experts at Lawsuit Financial. It is clearly something to consider if you find yourself considering an inadequate settlement offer just because of serious financial need.

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