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Lawsuit Funding: Financial Lifesaver for Personal Injury Victims

Lawsuit Funding companies do what no one else will do. Banks won’t do it; a traditional finance company won’t either. Payday advance companies won’t do it and your lawyer can’t do it. What am I taking about? You know what I am talking about. Litigation funding companies provide cash-strapped personal injury victims immediate financial assistance. If you have suffered a serious accidental injury, you may be disabled from working now, and maybe, for the foreseeable future. Do your creditors care that you are disabled? Do they care that you can’t work and won’t return to work any time soon? Of course not! What do they care about? Getting their bill paid; that is all they care about!

Legal Finance services, like those offered by Lawsuit Financial Corporation, provide personal injury victims with the money they need to pay regular monthly bills, medical expenses, car payments, rent, groceries and other ordinary and necessary bills. There are no monthly payments to make; we are not a bank. There are no credit checks; your credit history does not matter. Bad credit, good credit, it does not matter. Our goal is to relieve your financial concerns, prevent you from settling your valuable case for less than it is worth, and continue to provide you with needed assistance throughout the long legal process. We want you to focus on your lawsuit; we want you to obtain full compensation for your injuries, no matter how long it takes.

There is very little “red tape” involved. Pre settlement funding companies like Lawsuit Financial fund only against qualifying personal injury cases. Even the application process is easy. You fill out a short form or provide some information by telephone, and you are done. Most of the information we need will be requested from and supplied by your attorney. Your case records will determine if you qualify and for how much. If you qualify, you will receive your money within 24-48 hours; sometimes, we can even provide same day service. And, the most important feature of all is that you only have to pay us back if you win or settle your case. You read that correctly: If you lose you case, you can keep the money we gave you, free of charge. In essence, we are guaranteeing you a recovery in your case equal to the amount we fund.

Prior to the advent of legal funding, many personal injury victims were forced to settle with defendants and insurance companies, out of court, for far less than the full value of their case. They had to do that because they could not support their families while waiting for justice and an appropriate settlement or verdict. In other words, financial circumstances forced them to settle early and cheap, for far less than the amount they deserved. Lawsuit Financial feels that those responsible for your serious injuries should pay full compensation; we offer solutions that assure that the perpetrators will do just that. If you have been seriously injured; if you have retained an attorney and are pursuing a lawsuit, please, do not settle your case for less than full value, just because you are in desperate need of immediate cash. Consult with your attorney; tell him/her that you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to pursue pre-settlement funding. Then, call Lawsuit Financial, the gold standard in lawsuit finance services. We provide auto accident lawsuit funding, slip and fall lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding, wrongful death lawsuit funding; we provide lawsuit funding for almost any and every kind of personal injury case. If you have been seriously injured in any type of accident, and don’t yet have an attorney, Lawsuit Financial will locate a professional who specializes in your type of injury accident within 24 hours of your inquiry. We want to help you achieve justice for your case. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) is free; the advice is priceless. Visit our website at