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Lawsuit Funding Could Save a Family Business

Bob took his wife, Renee, out for dinner and a horse-drawn carriage ride to celebrate her birthday. The same evening, a young man and his friend were celebrating a birthday at a local bar. These two separate celebrations resulted in a tragic accident when the young man decided to get behind the wheel of his 2006 Infinity G35. Traveling at an estimated speed of 100 mph, the drunk driver slammed into the back of the horse-drawn carriage killing Bob and seriously injuring Renee, another passenger, and the carriage driver.

Renee and her two sons have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver and the drinking establishment that served him, but a settlement could take years. In the meantime, Renee and her sons have several financial problems. Renee suffered multiple broken bones and faced with mounting medical bills; she is still unable to walk. Her health insurance was unilaterally cancelled by the health insurance company less than two weeks before the accident. Her two sons are working to save the family business, where Renee was the bookkeeper, while caring for their mother. The carriage driver, who suffered a broken neck and psychological trauma, also has no health insurance and faces extensive medical bills.

When people are unable to work due to personal injuries or suffering financially due to the loss of the bread-winner, it can become a huge financial burden on them. Not only do the regular monthly bills – mortgage, car payments – begin to pile up, but there are the additional expenses associated with the accident such as medical expenses and funeral expenses.

There are millions of people like Renee and the carriage driver without health insurance, unable to get the medical care they deserve for serious and debilitating injuries. For those, like Renee, who have filed a claim, lawsuit funding may help. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against the future proceeds of a lawsuit. It exists primarily to help people with legitimate claims avoid settling too soon, for too little. The uninsured can have access to quality health care and can recover from their injuries quickly and return to work sooner, reducing the financial impact. Additionally, lawsuit funding can help the plaintiff win a more equitable settlement.

Unlike a traditional loan, lawsuit funding requires no upfront fees, no monthly payments, no credit checks, no employment verifications, and no repayment until the case is settled. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses the case, the lawsuit cash advance is waived in its entirety. If you are an innocent victim with a pending lawsuit struggling to make ends meet financially, contact Lawsuit Financial. We offer a free, no obligation consultation and a simple, one-page application.

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