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Lawsuit Funding: Cash Now For Financially-Strapped Plaintiffs

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but it may be necessary for a desperate plaintiff struggling to make ends meet. In the past, financially strapped plaintiffs were forced to settle their lawsuit for less than case value to avoid losing their home or vehicle. They could not get a bank loan or line of credit if they had lost their job.

Michigan trial attorney, Mark Bello, is sympathetic to the financial needs of injured plaintiffs. Mark is the founder and CEO of Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a lawsuit funding company that provides cash advances to plaintiffs for necessary living expenses during the pre-settlement or post-settlement phases of litigation. Lawsuit cash advances allow a case to proceed through the legal process without pressure to settle early. Although described by some as a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement funding is not a loan. You must repay a loan whether you win your case or not. On the other hand, lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance on the future value of your case meaning if you lose your case, you owe the funding company nothing, even the cash advance is yours to keep. This is a very important point: the litigation funding company takes all the risk. The plaintiff only repays the cash advance if, and when he/she successfully settles.

How do you know if lawsuit funding is the best option for pending auto accident or personal injury lawsuit? Here are a few questions to consider before pursuing lawsuit funding:

•Are you faced with dire financial circumstances, such as unable to pay the mortgage or put food on the table?
•Have you tried all other sources of cash and were unsuccessful?
•Without a lawsuit cash advance will you be forced to settle your suit for less than case value?

You no longer have to accept a low settlement offer. In the lawsuit process, many plaintiffs are forced to accept a low offer due to the financial hardship that many victims experience soon after their personal injury. A lawsuit cash advance will allow your attorney the time needed to get you full value for your case. Lawsuit Financial empowers plaintiffs to pursue their lawsuit for the settlement they deserve. We can prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of victims during financially difficult times. Before you settle for less than case value, contact Lawsuit Financial.

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