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Lawsuit Funding Can Lend Financial Support in Wrongful Death Lawsuit after Tractor Trailer Accident

Trucking accidents cause thousands of catastrophic and devastating injuries and deaths each year, resulting in lawsuits which can often take an extended time to settle. Suffering the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; the last thing any family needs is to face significant financial hardship, too. We understands how hard it is to stay financial afloat during a lengthy litigation process. If you are in need of a financial lifeline until your case is settled, consider pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

A 25-year-old man was killed and seven others were injured when a tractor-trailer hauling 2 tons of dirt lost control causing a chain reaction accident before jumping the guardrail and flipping over during the morning commuter. Ten vehicles were involved; three were damaged so badly that occupants were trapped inside.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed against three trucking companies, a construction firm and the truck owner alleging negligent hiring, supervision and training. The suit not only seeks unspecified damages, but also calls for stricter safety regulations in the trucking industry. According to the claim, the truck driver only had three months’ trucking experience when he tried to haul a tractor with two trailers over the mountainous State Route 17 during rush hour traffic hours. The lawsuit also alleges that the trucking companies were not up-to-date on all statutory safety inspections. Witnesses told police that they saw smoke coming from the truck’s brakes. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is still investigating; there has been no definitive answers yet, including whether the accident was the result of a brake failure.

The family is hoping to spearhead changes in the trucking industry so this tragedy does not happen to others. Their attorney said he intends to push for new driver’s license “tiers” based on the trucker’s experience. Should this go into practice, it could limit inexperienced truckers to specific load weights, or it could prevent them from driving on steep and mountainous highways.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a trucking accident, consult an attorney who specializes in this area of the law to protect your legal rights. If you can’t locate an attorney, Lawsuit Financial would be happy to recommend one from our nationwide, attorney referral database.

What if you have mounting medical bills, mortgage payments, household bills, or even worse ─ funeral expenses? The financial strain not only seriously impacts your life, it also impacts your case. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is financial assistance during the litigation process to help innocent victims pay mounting medical bills or funeral and burial expenses. With this non-recourse cash advance, plaintiffs can take care of their financial obligations while giving their attorney the time needed to seek appropriate justice.

To determine if you qualify for lawsuit funding, complete an online application or call us toll-free at 1-866-548-3863. We work directly with your attorney to gather necessary information to process your funding request as quickly as possible. Funding is based on the merits of the case, not on credit-worthiness or employment history verification. If approved, cash can often be available in as little as 24 hours. Our cash advances are provided on a non-recourse basis meaning that it is paid back only out of the settlement of the case. If you don’t win the case, the cash advance does not have to be repaid.

Do not resolve your case for less than full value because of pressing financial need. Let Lawsuit Financial easier your financial burden and give your attorney the time needed to obtain full value on your case.