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Lawsuit Funding Brought Financial Relief

Lawsuit funding can be a valuable tool for plaintiffs; if used correctly and strategically, it can be a revenue enhancement tool. One example to demonstrate this point is a case which we funded a few months ago.

A Michigan man who suffered a closed head injury in an auto accident was unable to work. He had missed several mortgage payments; the bank was threatening foreclosure. The medical bills and other expenses were also piling up. Simultaneously, the insurance company offered $325,000 on the case. With no other options, the victim wanted to accept the offer, but his attorney advised him that he should be able to obtain a much higher recovery if he was willing to wait out the process. He recommended lawsuit funding.

The man applied for funding with Lawsuit Financial. Once we received his application, we contacted his attorney for case documentation. Within 24 hours, the application was approved; $5,000 was wired directly into his bank account. He later received two more cash advances for a total of $7,500. Lawsuit Financial not only saved this man from losing his home, we were also a substantial reason why there was a $775,000 increase over the offer he almost accepted out of serious financial need.

If you are a plaintiff in a pending lawsuit and find yourself desperate to settle just to pay the bills, contact Lawsuit Financial. Our funding is based strictly on the strength of the case. There are no credit checks or employment verification; there are no upfront fees or monthly payments. Best of all, repayment of the lawsuit cash advance only occurs when your case successfully settles. If you lose, repayment is waived. Call today for a no-obligation consultation and to obtain answers to all your lawsuit financing questions. It could be worth $775,000 …or more!