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Lawsuit Funding Available for Victims of Flight for Life Helicopter Crash

Lawsuits have been filed less than a month after a fiery helicopter crash in Frisco, CA. On July 3, a Flight for Life helicopter was being flown for a non-emergency purpose when it crashed into a parking lot seconds after take-off, killing the pilot and seriously injuring a flight nurse and paramedic. The paramedic suffered burns over 90 percent of his body. Witnesses reported that the aircraft began spinning out of control immediately upon takeoff. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board expects it to last for about 10 months; the FAA is participating in the investigation.

The lawsuits claim the crash was caused by a malfunction or defect in the helicopter’s tail rotor system sending the aircraft spinning out of control, causing the fuel tank to rupture and the helicopter burst into flames upon impact. The suits also claim that the mechanics who would have maintained the helicopter did not properly inspect and repair it for service. According to the plaintiffs’ attorney, “My clients sincerely hope that this will never happen to anybody again and whatever safety problems there are with that chopper can be fixed.” The lawsuits name Air Methods Corp., the helicopter operator, and the manufacturer, Airbus Helicopters. The lawsuits seek unspecified damages.

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