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Lawsuit Funding Available for Pedestrian-Auto Accident Victims

Pedestrian-automobile accidents lead to some of the most serious injuries. When a pedestrian is struck by several thousand pounds of metal, even a low-speed collision can lead to serious injuries, even death. Medical bills can be catastrophic. In the event of death, funeral and burial expenses and possibly the loss of income from a sole breadwinner can turn a family upside down. It is imperative to seek legal advice from experienced personal injury attorney who can help victims obtain just compensation for damages. But, how will a family pay the bills while their attorney fights for their rights? A lawsuit funding company can keep cash-strapped plaintiffs financially stable with a lawsuit cash advance until a settlement or verdict is reached.

A lawsuit can take months or years to settle. During this time, many plaintiffs face financial challenges. The insurance company knows this and will make a low offer in hopes that the desperate plaintiff will accept. These offers may sound reasonable but in reality, they are not. The good news is that don’t have to rush into an early settlement; a lawsuit funding company can help plaintiffs wait for the right settlement.

Lawsuit funding is a no-risk means for plaintiffs to pay the bills, avoid destroying their credit reputation, focus on healing physically and emotionally, and allowing their attorney time needed to negotiate a fair settlement.

Some benefits to lawsuit funding include:
• No upfront fees
• No monthly payments
• No credit checks or employment verification
• No obligation to repay if you lose your case
• Cash in less than 48 hours

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident and struggling to meet daily living expenses, pay medical bills, and other expenses while your case is being litigated, don’t allow the insurance company to take advantage of you and don’t make the situation worse by not paying your bills and damaging your financial reputation. Contact Lawsuit Financial; we are here for plaintiffs when they need cash the most.