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Lawsuit Funding Available For Post Settlement Cases

Our clients are those who have been injured because of the negligence of others, have filed a lawsuit and are represented by an experienced attorney, and need a “lawsuit loan” to pay the bills until the case settles or while waiting to receive a settlement.

A wrongful death lawsuit recently settled for more than $9.4 million in a 2010 California big-rig accident case. The award was part of an overall verdict of more than $18 million that was given to two sets of plaintiffs. According to the lawsuit, a 48-year-old woman was stopped on Highway 156 waiting to turn left into her private driveway when she was allegedly rear-ended by a big-rig truck. The suit alleged that as a result, both vehicles crossed the double yellow line and veered into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The woman’s vehicle hit the oncoming car head-on, sending it out of control before colliding with the tractor trailer. The 48-year-old woman and a four-year-old died from injuries sustained.

The jury found Caltrans 60 percent at fault and the trucking company that employed the big-rig driver to be 40 percent at fault. Caltrans was found negligent for failing to repair and maintain the roadway that was operating beyond capacity. The lawsuit states that CalTrans should have provided for adequate shoulder space and maneuvering room given the absence of a barrier separating the east and west bound lanes of Highway156.

Now that the families of the victims have successfully settled their case, it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on, right? Wrong. After winning a case, many things can happen to delay the payment of a settlement, including an appeal. While pre-settlement funding is a valuable resource during a pending litigation, post-settlement funding can help plaintiffs financially between the time a settlement is reached and the time the plaintiff physically receives the settlement payment.

Lawsuit Financial understands how hard it is to stay financial afloat during a lengthy litigation process, but once you finish your fight for justice, the wait can extend several weeks, even months before the payout is made. You have made it this far; now is not the time to take chances with your finances. If you are in need of a financial lifeline until your settlement is received, consider post-settlement funding. Post-settlement funding can be the difference between financial ruin and financial health. We work directly with your attorney to gather needed information to process your funding request as quickly as possible. Funding is based on the merits of the case, not on credit-worthiness, employment history verifications, or monthly payments. Pre- and post-litigation funding are not “loans”, but rather non-recourse funding, which means it is paid back only out of the settlement of the case. If you don’t win the case, the cash advance does not have to be repaid.

Suffering injuries or the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; don’t succumb to a financial hardship, too. You may be eligible for pre- or post-settlement lawsuit funding. There is no cost to review your case and determine your funding needs. Call us toll-free at 877-377-7848, or complete our online contact form.