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Lawsuit Funding: A Simple Solution To Paying The Bills During A Pending Lawsuit

Many plaintiffs don’t realize what affect their finances will have on their lawsuit. It is not uncommon for plaintiffs to be out of work due to injuries and have medical bills to pay on top of the usual responsibilities of a mortgage or rent, a car payment, and other daily expenses. Some may have been experiencing hard times before the accident happened. While a settlement may help cover these bills and expenses, creditors won’t wait while a lawsuit drags out months, even years. If the defendant decides to appeal the ruling, which is a common setting for stalling tactics, the legal process will take even longer. When pursuing a lawsuit of any duration, plaintiffs often find that lawsuit funding is the fastest and easiest way to manage their finances until case resolution.

Lawsuit funding is not a loan; it is a cash advance that allows plaintiffs to borrow from their future settlement to pay necessary bills and. Cash advances are based on the merits of the case; there is no need for a credit check or employment verification. The major benefit is that repayment is contingent on the case settlement. If the plaintiff loses the case, the repayment is waived.

• Are you are in a pending personal injury lawsuit with dwindling funds?
• Are you unable to return to work?
• Are you feeling pressure to settle too early for too little?
• Are the bills piling up?
• Are you facing foreclosure?
• Are debt collectors calling?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact Lawsuit Financial. We offer a fast, online application and are able to provide funding via overnight mail or a bank wire within 24 – 48 hours of funding approval. Financial stability is not only essential for you to fight your case, but it could also be seen as a smart legal strategy. There are no risks to apply, and since we do not check your credit an inquiry will not appear on your credit report.