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Lawsuit Funding: A Financial “Lifesaver” For Bicyclists

Four bicyclists were struck by a 19971 Nissan Altima while on an 80-mile bicycle ride in what says was “like dominoes.” One by one, the 25-year-old driver struck and injured the cyclists who were riding in a single line along the roadway. All four bicyclists were hospitalized for injuries sustained in the accident. The driver left the scene, but was found by state troopers about an hour later. Exactly what caused the driver to hit the bicyclists is undetermined.

These bicyclists should know that they may be entitled to compensation for their losses, including medical expenses for treatment of the injuries sustained as well as on ongoing treatment such as physical therapy, loss of income for time the victims are unable to work due to their injuries, and compensation for pain and suffering. If they decide to pursue legal action, they should contact an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible for review their case. An experienced personal injury attorney can help seek full and fair settlement.

Although most attorneys work on a contingency basis, plaintiffs may need cash to pay other expenses as a result of the accident. Typically, a bank will not provide a lawsuit loan. If a plaintiff can’t borrow the money from family or friends, what else can the victim do?

When a plaintiff starts to consider settling his/her case for pennies on the dollar in order to avoid financial disaster, lawsuit funding can be his/her litigation “life-saver.” Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against a pending suit to stave off financial worries. Some call it a “lawsuit loan,” but here is why it is not a “loan.” There are no monthly payments which many victims obviously can’t afford. There are no credit checks so if the credit cards are already maxed out, it doesn’t matter. There is no employment verification so it doesn’t matter if victims are out of work due to injuries sustained. Repayment of the lawsuit cash advance is only made once the case is settled. Best of all, if the plaintiff loses, the re-payment is waived in its entirety. Lawsuit funding removes the financial stress and once that stress is gone, plaintiffs can concentrate on recovering from their injuries and winning their case. It is that simple!

How do you obtain lawsuit funding for your personal injury lawsuit? First, complete our online application or call our office. Once we receive your application, we will request information from your attorney. When all documents are received, our investors will review the file and determine if funding is approved. Once approved, the money can be available to you within 24 hours.

For more information and to determine if lawsuit funding is a viable solution during your pending case, contact the legal funding expert.