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Lawsuit Financial to Donate Nintendo Wii Gaming System to St. Jude’s Hospital

Lawsuit Financial Corporation, a leading national litigation funding company, is proud to announce that, in partnership with trial lawyers around the country, with InjuryBoard, a consumer safety community, and through its charitable arm, the InjuryBoard Foundation, Lawsuit Financial will be donating a Nintendo Wii Gaming System on August 17, 2009 to St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, TN in memory of Justin Rochkind, the nephew of Mark Bello, owner and founder of Lawsuit Financial. Bello chose St. Jude’s hospital because he says, “Despite their generosity and gallant efforts my nephew succumbed to cancer at the age of 18 and I would like to give back to them and do my part to help others. Justin loved music, magic, family and life. He and his family were very grateful to St. Jude’s for all it did and tried to do. This gift is the least I can do, on behalf of my family, to honor Justin and to thank the hospital and its fine staff.”

Due to the efforts of InjuryBoard, the first three Mondays in August, 53 law firms and companies from 25 states will band together to donate more than 60 Nintendo Wii Gaming Systems to medical facilities across the country. With more than half its membership participating, InjuryBoard hopes the event will inspire attorneys everywhere to give back to their communities.

The Wii was selected because of a new rehabilitation treatment technique known as “Wiihab.”[1] Wiihab makes use of the gaming system’s unique, live motion play to offer patients a fun and less painful exercise medium. The InjuryBoard firms, all of whom represent victims of serious accidents, hope that their donations will ease the recovery of those in need and will help patients find enjoyment in an otherwise painful and difficult process. InjuryBoard member, local attorney and business owner Mark Bello explains, “Our goal in this time of economic recession is to reach out to facilities like St. Jude’s Hospital to help them provide the care that budget realities might otherwise prevent.”

“Our members are some of the kindest, most genuine people I know,” stated InjuryBoard founder and Tampa, FL attorney Tom Young. “These are folks who shunned big law firms, prestige and easy money in favor of helping their communities. I am constantly humbled by the commitment our members have to helping injured people. Our hope with events like this is that we can do some good for injured people, from victims of auto accidents to defective products, by helping them get back on their feet. This Wii giveaway is a natural extension of the work our member firms do every day.”

The giveaway is sponsored by the InjuryBoard Foundation, a nonprofit organization that acts as the charitable arm of The purpose of the InjuryBoard Foundation is to help individuals and communities live safer, happier lives through increased awareness and community outreach. Young says that the incredible success and broad participation in this Wii giveaway has inspired InjuryBoard to organize these events on a regular basis. “We plan on utilizing the foundation to help as many people as we can. This is just the beginning,” Young adds. “We’re planning child safety seat drives, bicycle helmet giveaways and anything else we can think of to get people the help they need and make our communities safer.”

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