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Lawsuit Financial – The Name You can Trust for Lawsuit Funding

Everyone is aware that drunk driving is dangerous yet, this epidemic continues. Innocent lives are lost; families mourning the death of a loved one are devastated. The physical and emotional consequences are too much to bear, but the financial implications can compile the situation especially during a long, litigious process. To help ease the burden, a lawsuit funding company may be able to offer emergency cash to cover expenses while the lawsuit is pending or a settlement is reached.

A family man was recently killed when a drunk driver ran a red light at 70 mph slamming into a Mercury Grand Marquis stopped at a busy intersection. The drunk driver had a blood alcohol level in excess of .12 percent, and it is believed he was under the influence of drugs as well. The driver of the Marquis was pronounced dead at the scene; the drunk driver was treated and released from a local hospital. The victim is survived by a wife and three young children.

Although details of what happened were not released, the family of the victim may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Although the accident appears to be the result of driver negligence, local residents said there have been several accidents at the intersection; in fact, a yellow sign on the cross street reads “Dangerous Intersection” as drivers approach the intersection. The family may also have a claim against the city if poor road design, to some extent, contributed to the accident. An experienced auto accident attorney will be able to help this family seek justice deserved. In the meantime, the family may need financial assistance, especially if the deceased was the sole bread winner.

If income is limited until the case settles, auto accident lawsuit funding may be available to help pay funeral and burial expenses and other household financial obligations while keeping their case alive until justice is served.

Lawsuit funding is provided risk-free because there are no payments until the case settles. If the case is lost, the repayment is completely waived. Funding is approved solely on case strength; there is not need for credit check, employment history, or collateral. After receiving an application and supporting case documentation, a decision and funding can be obtained within 24 – 48 hours. We are the most trusted legal funding company in the industry. In fact, we are recommended and preferred by many personal injury law firms, nationwide. Call the name you can trust; call Lawsuit Financial.

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