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Lawsuit Financial Takes the Financial Burden Off Plaintiffs

Why does a plaintiff involved in personal injury litigation need pre-settlement funding? Lawsuit cash advances, sometimes called “lawsuits loans“, can help serious accident victims who might otherwise have trouble paying medical bills, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, or other living expenses while waiting for their personal injury lawsuit to resolve or a settlement to be determined. Even if they win their case, sometimes victims don’t receive their settlement for months, even years. While insurance companies have all the time and money to wait out a long legal process, most plaintiffs do not. A person pursuing a lawsuit who is desperate for immediate cash is not a positive influence during settlement negotiations. When expenses become a huge financial burden, this person will, almost always, settle too early, for too little because they lack other options. Lawsuit Financial offer another option.

If you are a cash-strapped plaintiff in a pending lawsuit, we will take on this burden for you and get you the money you need now with a lawsuit cash advance against your pending claim. Our lawsuit funding process is fast and easy. Simply complete our one-page online application or call our office. Upon receipt of your application, one of our representatives will forward a request for information to your attorney. Upon receipt of all necessary records from your attorney, your file will be reviewed by our underwriters and a funding decision will be made within 24 – 48 hours. If approved and you accept the funding offer, we will prepare a contract for signature. Once signed by you and your attorney, funds will be sent via overnight mail or direct deposit.

When you are facing financial problems and considering settling your lawsuit prematurely, remember you may be able to leverage our money and get the results you deserve. To learn more about our personal injury lawsuit funding services, contact our office today.